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Interview with the Artist Veronika Spleiss

Contemporary Gallery CH asks five questions to German Artist Veronika Spleiss.

Her Motto:

"Tension of life between order and chaos that is visually expressed in art."

Veronika Spleiss German painter


What distinguishes your art?

The artstyle is twodimensional. Nevertheless it evokes deepness through the contrast of black and white. Sometimes, my artworks remind me of large painted graphics that have their own structure and order. That gives a fascinating experience to the process as well as to the final state. White or coloured fragments framed in black come together as a whole. 


What motivates you?

The effect of my finished paintings. I am often not contented during the art process and work until they are finished. If it is not a sketch, I want to see the painting at its final state. Still that is rarely possible as my artworks take a lot of time because of the numerous details that come together just after a long enduring process.


Which techniques do you use?

I used to paint in oil, but for my artworks acrylic is the better medium.


A sentence that best describes you and your art?

Tension of life between order and chaos that is visually expressed in art.