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Up in the Air


The German phrase "it’s up in the air" encompasses the state of indecision and incompleteness. It is not far from the actual process of floating. Far from gravity, a something is moving upwards in an arbitrary direction. It is not clear where the object is floating to. It is in a back and forth without orientation, refuge or location. The defined boundaries of the ground disappear.


The colored lithographs thematize the human being in suspension. People who move freely in the sphere and yet, despite their freedom of incompleteness, do not come to fixation. They fly along in peace and quiet, disorientated, possibly touching each other, then pushing each other off again and "flying" on their way.


In der Schwebe - Up in the Air, 2019

Lithography and gouache on paper, white framed

53x53x3 cm




Walks have something cosy and relaxed about them. There is no rush, no obligations or even a goal. The verbs "to have" or "must" disappear. Even today, they still stand for a break and the opportunity to observe the people and their surroundings, as in Baudelaire's Flaneur.  The small framed canvases "Walks" show people who remain together in this active state. They are surrounded by high buildings and hustle and bustle. At the moment of the walk there is no need to keep up with the bustle. They can continue their aimless path and be open to positive unpredictability. More perspectives and flashes of inspiration than expected open up.


Spaziergänge - Walks, 2019

Acrylic on canvas, white framed

each 22 x 22 x 3 cm


Fragmented Paths


Paths which the human being walk. They are always in relationship with others. Often the paths are clearly visible. They are straight, curved, branch out into each other or merge into a common path. In other works of the series of eight "Fragmented Paths" they almost dissolve into fragmentation. The surroundings of the figures on their paths appear fragmented, fragmentary and confusing. When the people deviate from their paths, they appear almost entwined from their surroundings. In the fragmentation they stand for themselves, alone in the colourful confusion. The paths and their dissolution become an analogy of interpersonal relationships. The fragmentation stands for a non-fixation of relationships and thus a non-fixation of a path. Now and then the paths of people cross, they separate in other directions or walk a path together.



Zersplitterte Wege - Fragmented Paths, 2019/2020

Acrylic on canvas, white framed

22 x 22 x 5 cm


City Crossings


In times of rapidly increasing networking, the boundaries between inside and outside as well as near and far are becoming blurred. Accessibility in digitalised communication is only one click away from the other person, physical accessibility in logistics and passenger transport is becoming easier every day.


In this context, the framed acrylic painting "City Crossings" focuses on their ever-increasing similarity and networking among each other. Whether a person is in one city or another makes an ever smaller difference. The same errands from one location to the next can increasingly be completed without problems. Seen in this way, the physical fixed presence in a place and its necessity dissolve, which also changes the meaning of "living". The question of where to live may still be officially defined, but its reality may be different.


In "Stadtübergänge" several cities come together without being visually identified as cities. People move from place to place, whereby borders do not appear visible. It all falls into one.



Stadtübergänge - City Crossings, 2019

Acrylic on canvas, white framed

52x42 cm


Two Friends


The acrylic painting represents the beginning of the series "Ways", which is currently in progress. Paths that let people pass through different events and stages: Paths of joy, anger, sadness and happiness. In "Two Friends" the artist Veronika Spleiss focuses on what they have in common. Friendship expresses in their relationship to each other a meeting of the individual histories and allows these two individuals to form a togetherness for a certain period of time and in certain aspects of life. This togetherness is graphically visualized in the semicircular sphere, comparable to an island on which the "Two Friends" stand. Their environment, however, appears fragmentary, as if the particles could not find each other. They stand for themselves, but the two friends stand together.


Zwei Freunde, 2019

Acryl on canvas

8 7/10 × 8 7/10 × 2 in

22 × 22 × 5 cm

Private Collection Switzerland

The Walk


Spaziergang, 2019

Acrylic on canvas, white framed

7 1/2 × 7 1/2 × 1 1/5 in

19 × 19 × 3 cm

Private Collection Switzerland


Interview in German

Available with English Subtitles


by Veronika Spleiss

A sentence that best describes you and your art?

Tension of life between order and chaos

that is visually expressed in art.

Vergru-art by Veronika Spleiss

Essen and Munich, Germany

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