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Exhibition 'Bewegung'

The Curator Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso about the exhibition 'Bewegung' at Contemporary Gallery CH, Switzerland:


"Bewegung" is an exhibition about different perceptions of movement. Veronika Spleiss’s paintings depict movement playfully, shifting skilfully in and out of figuration. Roger Bronniman approaches movement more as a gesture, the live act of painting being urgently captured in his work.  As the dynamism of colours and shapes of both artists hits us, bold and defined in the case of Spleiss and intentionally rough and blurred in the one of Bronniman, we are left with a complexity of moods that lingers in its ambiguity. Our mind cannot help but associate narratives to these pieces: an urban landscape at one point, a seascape, a starry sky, a crowd. In these ever-transforming connotations, the show invites us to allow our imagination to wander on multiple paths. At once, we are encouraged to focus on the complexity of each piece, whilst simultaneously taking in the combination of these works, juxtaposed to one another in an orchestrated polyphony of colour.

Following the black lines

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