Art Process


Here in my atelier I create artworks in acrylic, oil, metallic markers, gouache and ink - especially on canvas with wide frames. My first step to the artwork consists in regarding the white canvas or linen. Sometimes, ideas for the topic or the visual composition come by night or to another moment of the daily routine. The only thing I have to do, is to imagine the white linen and the painted black frame that bring forms and themes by itself to the pictured surface. In those moments I cannot wait to begin with the painting. 


For other artworks it takes a long time and enduring process to the theme and its performance. Then it is not enough to look on the white linen or just having a flash of inspiration - the artwork has to be literally "worked on and out". Because in some way the art process is about syntheses: Combinations that are taken unconsciously as fragments from the reality. Those are not always immediately accessible to the artist. They demand deepened contemplation. 


That is the dichotomy in art. Art is an executive medium for freedom, but all the more difficult to settle because of its unlimited possibilities. Of course there are works that arise from a "just go for it" in its lightness what I described above.  However the Process of pause, interruption and reflection for the establishment of the topic and painting are essential. The last point accompanies consistently the art process. I very unwillingly change any line on the canvas especially as the contrast of white and black makes changes or corrections quite difficult. All the more it requires reflection on the artwork. 


So the creation of a painting is not always simple, but it is it worth in both ways - in creating as an artist and contemplating as a viewer.

My Art studio