About me

The German artist Veronika Spleiss, born 1993, whose roots lie in Estonia and Russia, has been working with visual fine arts for more than fifteen years. During many years of lessons with the artist Natalia Zurakowska, she learned the techniques of painting, graphics and illustration. After studying French and Russian literature as well as political theory in Munich, Clermont-Ferrand and Passau, she turned her attention to artistic creation as a whole, which produced and continues to produce her series "Following the black line", "-Life" and "Paths".


The chaotic element of her artistic work is not quite understood by chaos, as the viewer would initially think. In fact, the first glance is an intoxicating celebration of shapes and colors, whose only unifying feature is the black outline of the paintings. At second glance, however, white and colorful fragments reveal associative, concise forms of reality - and, on a meta-level, their stories.


The paintings are in the obvious sign of chaos, but they have an inherent order and harmony that only emerges on further contemplative viewing. So it is with life itself. If life can all too often appear chaotic, it has its structures in all its facets and perspectives. The paintings of the artist Veronika Spleiss illustrate this process in a two-dimensional style, but due to their variety of forms they stand for a multi-perspective opening to life.


Each of the works by Veronika Spleiss joins together to form a visual story. The artist writes down her thoughts and ideas about each work.



Passed and coming Exhibitions national / international:

Munich, Passau, Kulmbach, Zurich, Murten, Miami, Milan, New York





April, Art Expo New York Harmony – David and Goliath, Kunst:international, in New York, USA (postponed to October 2020)

April/May/October, Group Exhibition in two parts „Die Geschichte der acht Hände“ – Irina Lupyna, Veronika Spleiss, Evgenia Huber, Soussen

in Trudering Kulturzentrum and Moor-Villa Kulturzentrum, Munich, Germany (partially postponed)

March, Stroke Arfair 2020, Munich, Germany (postponed)

March, Group Exhibition „Die Geschichte der zehn Hände“ – Irina Lupyna, Veronika Spleiss, Evgenia Huber, Soussen, Ljuba Stille

in Farbenladen Feierwerk, Munich, Germany

February, Affordable Artfair Milan with the Artgallery Unique Contemporary Turin, in Milan, Italy



December - January, Group Exhibition Bewegung, Veronika Spleiss and Roger Brönnimann, Contemporary Gallery CH, Murten, Switzerland

December, Group Exhibition - Artbox Gallery during Artbasel weeks in Wynwood, Miami

October, Group Exhibition Small Artworks, Contemporary Gallery CH, Murten, Switzerland

September, Solo Exhibition Veronika Spleiss - Follow the black lines, Contemporary Gallery CH, Murten, Switzerland

August, SWISSARTEXPO Art fair in Zurich, Switzerland

July, Artnight in Passau, KUNSTNACHT, Passau, Germany

July, Group Exhibition Werkschau 2019, Kunstgalerie Marion Kotyba, Kulmbach, Germany

Juin, Group Exhibition Leto – Eine Sommeraustellung, Wessling , Germany

May, STROKE Art Fair 10 years, Munich, Germany



Solo Exhibition Der schwarzen Linie auf der Spur, Pomeranz, Passau, Germany



KUN:ST International e. V.



Kunstgalerie Marion Kotyba, Germany

Contemporary Gallery CH, Switzerland

Unique Contemporary Turin, Italy